Rijeka - European culture capital 2020.
In 2020, the "flowing city" (Rijeka means river in Croatian!) became the European Capital of Culture . Thus, in the year in which the Republic of Croatia chaired the Council of the European Union, the city of Rijeka became a metropolis of European culture and art .

Rijeka is the first Croatian city to win this prestigious title. Apart from being the most important Croatian and one of the most important European ports, it physically connects to virtually all parts of the world, Rijeka as the European Capital of Culture and symbolically connects Mediterranean culture with the continental and tradition with the modern.

Given that the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the project at a time when hundreds of projects were launched: exhibitions, plays, concerts, the decision of the European Parliament extended the time of the said status of Rijeka. The main cultural and artistic themes that take place under the common motto "Port of Diversity" are water, labor and migration, as the most current challenges for Europe today. Despite epidemiological restrictions and reduced travel opportunities, the Rijeka Cultural Summer 2020 was full of events. Apart from the city of Rijeka itself, the rich cultural, artistic and entertainment program has marked a large number of places on the neighboring islands and in Gorski Kotar.

The special significance of this project for the city of Rijeka is manifested in the financing of the renovation of cultural institutions and spaces , which is sponsored by the EU.

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