Croats, a football nation

In Croatia, football first appeared in Rijeka and Županja in 1873 when it was presented to Croatian citizens by two English emigrants. The ball played between the local population Županje and Englishmen in 1880 is now kept in Županja and witnessed the beginning of football in Croatia.

At the end of the 19th century, the official rules of the game were adopted, after which football clubs were formed. Since 1903 when Croatia played the first informal match to date, Croatian football became part of the country's identity and global recognition. The Croatian national football team proved that in spite of its small geographic size, it could compete with the world's most powerful Goliaths, and in addition to the silver at the World Championship in Russia in 2018, twenty years before it won the bronze at the same competition.

In addition to the significant successes of the world, they also stand out on the European scene, and Croatian footballers are members of the most important and most significant clubs in the world. The football clubs and the national team are also supported by the fans, what is proven by the euphoria after the 2018 championship, when over half a million citizens gathered in the centre of the Croatian capital and enjoy the true communion during the championship.

The specificity of the Croatian football team is reflected in the striking design of their jerseys, filled with red and white checkerboard as a pattern on the Croatian coat of arms.