Dinamo Football Club

The „Prvi Hrvatski Građanski Športski Klub“ (First Croatian Civic Sports Club) was founded on April 26, 1911. Since then, the club has changed several names: Dinamo, HAŠK Građanski, Croatia, NK Dinamo and, from 2011 until today, Football Club Dinamo. Dinamo won its first championship in 1923, after which the club's successes only continued - it won five more championships by the end of World War II.

In the second Yugoslavia, Dinamo was part of the so-called "Big Four", which included Hajduk, Crvena Zvezda and Partizan. In the 1950s, Dinamo was a two-time champion, and in the 1960s it became more and more successful on the international scene. In 1961 it reached the semifinals of the Cup Winners' Cup, in 1963 it entered the finals of the Fair Cities Cup (now the UEFA Cup) and in 1967 it won that cup with a win over Leeds United,  which is considered its greatest success. In 1981/82, under the leadership of Miroslav Ćiro Blažević, it won his fourth title.

Dinamo is the most trophy-winning football club in Croatia with 30 national championship titles, 22 national Cup victories, 5 Super Cups and the Fair Cities Cup. Since Croatian independence, Dinamo has participated 14 times in groups of European competitions. Under the leadership of Nenad Bjelica 2018/19, Dinamo advanced to eighth finals of the Europan League, which was „the first spring in Europe“ after 49 years, and it also won the 30th title.

The most successful Croatian footballers played for Dinamo, such as Mario Mandžukić and Luka Modrić, the best footballer in the world in 2018. Club captain Arijan Ademi is the most trophy-winning player in the club's history, and the club has extremely successful players such as goalkeeper Dominik Livaković and the best scorer in European competitions so far - Mislav Oršić.

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