Croatia at the International Science Olympiads

The International Science Olympiads are a group of annually held world-class competitions from various fields of science. Each country is represented by a team of 4 to 6 top secondary school students in a given field of science. As it is a world-class level of knowledge, it usually far exceeds the content of secondary school. The first Olympiads were often limited to the Eastern Bloc member countries, but later expanded to the rest of the world. Croatia has been participating in international science Olympiads for many years, where our representatives have achieved remarkable results. Croatia has recently started to participate in the International Junior Science Olympiad, IJSO. At the 12th IJSO held in South Korea, Croatian students Tea Arvaj, Petar Nižić-Nikolac and Noa Jelić Matošević won silver medals and Paula Vidas won a bronze medal. At this year's 60th International Mathematics Olympiad in the United Kingdom, our representatives Ivan Vojvodić, Bernard Inkret and Noel Lakić won bronze medals, while Daniel Širola, Marin Varivoda and Luka Bulić Bračulj were awarded “Honourable Mention”. Croatian representatives at this year's 50th International Physics Olympiad in Israel Bernard Faulend and Janko Vrček won bronze medals. At the 51st International Chemistry Olympiad held in Paris, a whole team of Croatian representatives Mislav Barić, Luka List, Barbara Sumić and Ivor Vavra Plavšić won bronze medals. Olga Jerković Perić and Petar Škrobo won bronze medals at the 30th International Biology Olympiad held in Hungary, while Mia Crnogaj won the Honourable Mention Award. These are just the results of our representatives from certain international science Olympiads this year, but they have returned empty handed from none of them. Their results are mostly the result of their work, but also of the quality mentors working at schools and faculties, without whom all this would not be possible.