Croatian sports with highest number of medals

Croatia stands out with huge sports achievements, which is further highlighted in relation to its geographical size. It is praiseworthy that a geographically small country can produce such a large number of successful athletes, and it is necessary for all other sectors within the country to look up to the sports.

One of the most successful sports in Croatia is a water polo with a total of 25 medals won at the Olympic Games, World and European Championships, Mediterranean Games, World Cups, European Cups and World Leagues.

After the water polo, Croatia is recognizable by the handball team that has won two gold medals at the Olympic Games since 1994: in Atlanta in 1996 and in Athens in 2004, and one at the 2003 World Cup in Portugal. In addition, they are the holders of five silver and five bronze medals.

Though not the one with the highest number of medals, football is still the most famous sport in Croatia, given its overall popularity in the world. The Croatian national football team won bronze at the 1998 World Cup in France and in 2018 in Russia was silver, while athletes were one of the most famous footballers in the history of that sport on a global scale.

Croatia also stands out in athletic sports where athletes take on numerous awards, of which the gold medallists at the Olympics are Blanka Vlašić, Sandra Perković and Sara Kolak.

Trophy sports include rowing, archery, sailing and weightlifting.