Croatia at the Olympic Games

Since the first appearance at the Olympic Games, Croatian athletes have won 170 Olympic medals, of which 51 are golden and Milan Neralić is the first Croatian Olympian. From the first independent participation at the Winter Olympic Games in Albertville, 1992 to 2010, a total of 27 medals were won for Croatia.

Until the independence, from 1896 to 1988, Croats won 15 gold, 18 silver and 11 bronze medals.

Croatia after the Independence first appeared at the 1992 Olympics when it was represented by 39 contestants in 12 sports. The same year, Croatian athletes appear at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona where they win a silver and two bronze medals, while Goran Ivanišević was wearing the Croatian flag at the opening ceremony.

From the Winter Olympics, Croatian athletes participate in Lillehammer in 1994 with three athletes in two ski disciplines. In 1998, in Nagana, Croatia is represented by six athletes in three sports, and skier Janica Kostelić won the eighth place in the discipline of the Alpine Combination. At the following Winter Games in Salt Lake City in 2002, Janica Kostelić won three gold and one silver medal for Croatia, bringing Croatia to the 12th place on the medal table winner at the Games, where Croatia was represented by 14 contestants in five sports. In Turin in 2006, Croatia is represented by the most numerous team ever since, while Janica Kostelić wins again one gold and two silver medals. Croatia at the Winter Olympics in 2010 in Vancouver is represented by 19 athletes who win two silver and one bronze medal. In 2014, in Sochi Croatia is represented by 11 athletes in three sports and Ivica Kostelić wins one silver medal. Croatia has presented its team in snowboarding for the first time in these games.

Croatia participates in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta when the handball team wins the gold medal for the first time for independent Croatia, while the water polo team wins silver. At the Games Croatia is represented by 84 athletes in 14 sports. At the next Games in 2000, 91 athletes in 12 sports in Sydney represent Croatia, and Nikolaj Pešalov wins the gold medal in weightlifting while the Croatian rowers win bronze. At the next Games, Croatia wins five medals: handball players win gold medal, swimmer Duje Draganja, rowers Siniša and Nikša Skelin silver, tennis players Mario Ančić and Ivan Ljubičić bronze medals, as well as Nikolaj Pešalov. Four years later, at the Games in Beijing, Croatian athletes appear in 15 sports and win two silver and three bronze medals. In London 2012, Sandra Perković and water polo winners will win three gold, one silver and two bronze medals. In 2016, in the Rio de Janeiro, Croatia wins five gold, three silver and two bronze medals.