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Frigo-teh - Fire protection and process industry systems

Frigoteh Ltd. the company from the city of Sisak, is specialized in the business of fire systems and process industries. The company was founded in 2007 and since then has been operating successfully, and it is one of the leading companies in its industry in the Croatia. In the beginnings its focus was on the field of air conditioning, but a few years back has started comprehensive work in the field of fire sprinkler systems and process industries on the Croatian territory, and is seeking to expand in foreign markets. The company is mediator in domestic and international markets and is representative for foreign company Ayvaz, recognized and certified brand in the business systems for fire protection and process industry. We offer products you can find quality products and devices for fire protection systems, seismic expansion joints, valves for fire protection systems, vibration absorbers, compounds for expansion joints, stainless steel and metal flexible hose for solar panels and systems, nanofleks solar hose, control devices, etc .. these high quality products contribute to each system, and reduce the working hours of the assembly. The company is also expanding activities in process industries. Devices and equipment for industrial plants are an integral part of the maintenance and operation of the drive, which as essential to have quality products that will allow the smooth operation of the drive. The main policy of the company is to provide reliable high-quality products and customer satisfaction that can be observed on the reference list of the company. If you need replacement parts for fire protection system or are considering the introduction of a new fire protection system. Frigoteh offers sprinkler fire protection system that does not respond to smoke and it is anti-fire system that activates heat. Sprinkler system for fire protection that simultaneously performs two functions: fire fighting and fire alarm systems. High-quality protection of buildings against fire is of great importance which is why i


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The main impeller of Meditronik Ltd is very intense cooperation with reputable manufacturers worldwide that we exclusively represent, but also our understanding the needs of end-users. We conduct special attention in the provision of all necessary maintenance and repair services as for individual products but also for more complex systems. Since we know all protocols and processes, our authorized and trained team all repairs and routine maintenance carry out very quickly and reliably. The advantage of Meditronik Ltd. s it’s possibility of individual and oriented designing of a different technological solutions and particularly a different system for the detection of various traffic offenses such as driving with not allowed speeds, driving through a red light, driving on forbidden traffic lanes (lanes which can be used only by buses, trams, taxi etc.). The technology we offer is extremely reliable, easy to use and mostly fully automated. It allows post-processing of results using sophisticated software solutions which we continuously develop. QUALITY For quality management Meditronik Ltd. was certified for the first time in June 2012 by the DQS in accordance with thematic DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008. Meditronik ISO 9001 HISTORY MEDITRONIK Ltd. started to work in 1997. Within past 18 years the company has particularly devoted to design, sales, maintenance and service of the latest technological solutions in the field of road safety. Beside that Meditronik Ltd. is specialized in sales and service of devices for authentication of travel documents, banknotes, transport documents, vehicles chassis numbers etc.. In our portfolio for many years we offer different products for forensic investigations and crime scene investigations from reputable manufacturers worldwide. GOAL Every year over 1.2 million people are killed in road traffic accidents worldwide and another 50 million are injured (according to the World Health organization report from 2009). Meditronik have a mission to contribute i