Croatian fashion brands

Although Italian and French fashion brands are extremely popular in Europe and the world, as well as in Croatia, the Croatian fashion industry also has its own tradition, which is not entirely unknown outside the borders of Lijepa Naša.

The fashion and textile company Varteks was founded in Varaždin in 1918. In more than a hundred years of existence, Varteks has become the leading fashion brand in Croatia and region. In addition to its own line, Varteks also produces clothes for well-known foreign brands, such as Hugo Boss. When we talk about men's fashion, an indispensable Croatian brand is Galileo. Although it is primarily known for suits and elegant fashion accessories, Galileo's range also includes shoes, jackets, everyday pieces, etc. This brand is a combination of contemporary urban style and elegance and is becoming more and more popular outside of Croatia. Croata is a Croatian fashion brand synonymous with luxury. Croata is characterized by extremely high-quality materials, such as the silk it produces itself, avoiding mass production and finding inspiration not only in the latest trends, but also in Croatian tradition, and this can be seen in the creations decorated with braid and the Glagolitic script.

An integral part of the Croatian textile industry is Jadran socks, which have been produced in the factory of the same name in Zagreb since 1930. Although production is primarily focused on women's socks, the range also includes men's and children's socks. When it comes to footwear, probably the most famous Croatian shoe manufacturer is the company Borovo. From its founding in 1931 in Vukovar until today, Borovo has been increasing its network of stores in Croatia and is increasingly turning to exports. Galko, a brand that makes Croatian-made leather bags, purses, wallets and backpacks, stood out for its design quality.