Food company Gavrilović d. o. o. is a Croatian food brand with a tradition of more than 300 years. In the middle of the 17th century, the first Gavrilovićs, brothers Ivan and Petar, came to the Petrinja area, who were engaged in butchery. The skill and quality of the products were recognized as early as the time of the Habsburg Monarchy when the Gavrilović family played a leading role in the butcher's guild in Petrinja, and Napoleon's and later Jelačić's army enjoyed their products. Although production began in 1690, it wasn't until 1822 that Ivan Gavrilović, in cooperation with other butchers, founded the first factory. By the end of the century, Gavrilović became a registered company with a factory that then employed around 50 employees and became the first Croatian salami, dried meat and fat factory. The quality of Gavrilović's legendary Winter Salami („zimska“ in Croatian) was also recognized at the international exhibition in Vienna, where it was awarded a gold medal with the image of Francis Ferdinand.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the number of employees exceeds 100, and the growth of the company is reflected in the increase in exports. Gavrilović markets its products on various Central European and Middle Eastern markets. From 1926 until today, the packaging of Gavrilović's products has been decorated with the image of Jelica, the niece of the then owner. At the end of the Second World War, the factory ceased to be privately owned, and the Gavrilović family emigrated. In the coming years, the range and export expanded, and a new and modern production facility was opened. Gjuro II. Gavrilović returned to Petrinja and worked in a factory, and Gjuro III. bought the factory, which thus returned to the family. Today, Gavrilović's products such as Winter salami and Kulen bear the mark of originally Croatian products, and the company employs over 800 employees and is one of the leading Croatian food companies whose products are known under the slogan "It's great, it's from Gavrilović"

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