Ledo is the largest Croatian distributor of frozen food and ice cream. Ledo was founded in 1958 as part of the Zagreb dairy. In the beginning, Ledo produced about 2 million ice creams per year, but every year the demand for ice creams was increasing. This is why the Ledo factory was founded in 1965, which operates independently. At the same time, the production of various other products such as frozen fruits and vegetables, puff pastry, frozen cakes and various other products begins. What Ledo has always been recognizable by is the Ledo Medo teddy bear, which has been decorating the packaging of Ledo products since 1964.

The first ice cream produced, which is probably still the most famous ice cream from Ledo, is Sneguljica (Snow White). It is vanilla ice cream with crunchy cocoa topping. Snow White is one of Ledo's classics, along with pink bubblegum-flavored Bubi and Silk Milk, vanilla ice cream with chocolate and hazelnut topping and strawberry filling in the middle. Other extremely famous ice creams are King, Macho, Kontiki, Capri, Njofra, Rumenko, etc. In addition to the mentioned ice creams on sticks, Ledo also produces ice creams in cones,  ice creams in boxes that contain more flavors and Ledo ice cream cakes. The frozen foods that Ledo produces include fish, fruit and vegetables, pasta, various types of meat and ready meals such as lasagna and risotto.

Ledo was privatized in 1992. The company then became a joint-stock company whose majority shareholder became Agrokor in 1994. Over the years, Ledo expanded beyond Croatia by purchasing the Bosnian ice cream factory in Čitluk, the Hungarian ice cream factory Baldauf Kift, taking over the Montenegrin brand Sun and a majority stake in the Belgrade company Frikom. Today, Ledo is owned by the British-American company Nomad Foods and employs around 1,100 employees.

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