Kraš Group is the largest producer of confectionery products in Croatia and one of the largest in Southeast Europe. It has been producing various cocoa and candy products, waffles and biscuits for more than 110 years. But how did it all start?

Back in 1911, the united Julije König and Slavoljub Deutsch founded the Union factory in Zagreb. Proof of the quality of their products is the title of "royal court supplier" which Union received as early as 1913 when it became a supplier to the royal court of Austria-Hungary. By the beginning of World War II, Union was modernizing and expanding production. Machine production of candy began, and since the mid-1930s, 505 candies with a line and the thinnest chocolates in the world of only 15 g have been produced that would later become Animal Kingdom. In 1935, the Union received one of its most famous slogans, “No matter where, Ki-ki is everywhere!”

After the Second World War, Union, Bizjak and other smaller confectionery producers united in Kraš, named after the anti-fascist fighter Josip Kraš. In the 1950s, some of Kraš's most famous sweets were made, such as Domaćica, Bajadera and Animal Kingdom. In the 1960s, Kraš celebrated its 50th birthday, and the 1970s marked the recognition for product quality and a new favourite product - Kraš Express. By the end of the 1990s, Kraš had modernized, becoming a joint stock company, and the production facilities that had been scattered around Zagreb until then were merging into a large plant in Ravnice. The sweets that marked the 90s are Bananko and Dorina chocolate.

Kraš soon became a major exporter - some of his products can be found even in faraway America. Kraš is one of the largest giants of the Croatian economy, with a share capital of around HRK 600 million. In 2018, Kraš had 2,600 employees and its revenue amounted to HRK 1 billion. In 2019, the majority owner of Kraš became the Meat Industry Braća Pivac.

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