Podravka is Croatian food and pharmaceutical company whose headquarters is in Koprivnica. Back in 1934, the brothers Marijan and Matija Wolf founded in Koprivnica workshop for fruit processing and jam production, which in 1947 became social property and received the name Podravka, which it still bears today.

Over time, Podravka placed more and more products on the market, and among the most famous are Vegeta, an original Croatian product consisting of a mixture of spices and several types of dried vegetables, Lino products of which the most famous are Chocolino, Lino cereals and Lino Lada, whose face is the teddy bear Lino, Dolcela products – quick and delicious desserts, and many others. This company is not dedicated exclusively production of food products, but also deals with the production of medicines. As part of Podravka, the pharmaceutical company Belupo was founded in the 1970s in Ludbreg. Podravka also produces natural spring water Studena, and over the years it increasingly expands production and its range of brands. Among other things, it also bought the Eva and Lero brands. In honor of Zlata Bartl, who created the first Vegeta in Podravka's laboratory in 1957, Podravka founded the foundation "prof. Zlata Bartl" whose purpose is to invest in young Croatian researchers and scientists.

Podravka already expanded to the foreign market in 1967; the first countries to which it started exporting its products were Hungary and Russia. Today, Podravka employs over 6,000 employees and exports its products all over the world and is counted among the leading Croatian international companies. It additionally strengthened itself as a food brand by launching own website with recipes Coolinarika and cooking show "Lunch for tomorrow with Podravka".

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